How We Make the Custom Ketubah of Your Dreams

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Each and every custom ketubah we make at is unique, created one-at-a-time for your wedding. The process is simple yet creative and meaningful.

First, choose a piece of art, a Ketubah Design, that speaks to your hearts. Searching through art and choosing a piece for your home, to represent your marriage, is a process that will teach you about each other and inevitably bring you closer together. Each limited edition ketubah is a gyclee print created from a high quality scan of Nishima’s original artwork. If you are not quite sure about one or more pieces of art, feel free to order a sample. Also keep in mind that any piece that includes a border can be re-designed without the border. Likewise, borders can be added to any piece. Small adjustments to the art are also possible, as are extra hand-worked embellishments such as gold or silver details or leafing, handwritten texts and/or quotes, or 3-D words in Hebrew and/or English on a canvas piece (see examples).

Second, speak to your rabbi and with his/her guidance, choose a text for your ketubah. Orthodox, Conservative and Israeli rabbis will likely be very specific about which Aramaic or Hebrew text they want you to use. Most rabbis of all denominations will allow you to choose your own English text. We do not charge a fee to mix and match texts, so we encourage you to spend time reading and connecting with the texts on this site. If you find an English text you love on another site, or want to write your own, there is only a nominal fee to use these ($35). Please contact the other site for permission, however. (My policy is to share all my texts for free.) We can also use any Hebrew text or help you translate your custom text into Hebrew.

Third, please fill out a personalization form. This form asks you for specific information about your wedding and your names in Hebrew and English. Now is the time to learn each other’s mother’s middle names! Most people use their most formal English names on the ketubah, since this text is traditionally a formal contract. We encourage you to spend time researching everyone’s complete Hebrew names, as your ketubah will be a legacy for the generations. Please let us know if any parent is deceased, as there is a special acronym in Hebrew meaning “of blessed memory”. Ask your fathers if they are Cohen, Levi, or Israel. If they don’t know, they are probably Israel. Cohen or Levi is added to their Hebrew names (Moses the Cohen, Moshe haCohen). You will need to decide how many signature blanks you want on your ketubah. The most common choice is bride, groom, rabbi, and 2 witnesses. However, we can use any configuration for your unique ketubah.

Fourth, you can make some decisions about the presentation of your final ketubah. What size would you like your ketubah to be? Most ketubahs can be printed in three different sizes. (Nishima likes the large sizes, but some people prefer a smaller ketubah.) Which of the offered English and Hebrew fonts would you like your texts to be written in? Do you want your ketubah printed on paper or canvas? Do you want us to stretch and/or frame the canvas? Would you like a quote added? Other embellishments?

Finally, look over the extras to be clear what you need to finalize your ketubah. If your wedding is less than three weeks or even one week away, please pay for a rush order. Shipping is by UPS and can be flat or in a tube, ground, 2nd day, or overnight. Fees are related to current UPS pricing plus shipping supplies. If you want to look over your ketubah design– with your text on the art– before we print, please order a digital proof. This is important if you want to participate in the graphic design of text on art. If you order a quote, the digital proof is included.

Once you order your ketubah and extras, we will put together your personalized texts and email you (and your rabbi) a PDF of the texts, including signature blanks and any quote you might choose. You should look over the texts carefully for any changes or corrections. If you realize a name or date or place needs to be changed, just let us know. Small changes to the wording of your texts are also our courtesy. We will send new proofs until your ketubah texts are exactly correct. Most often we are able to print your ketubah within a week or two of your approval.

Please call us at 888-843-3323 to discuss this process more fully or to answer any of your questions. We have made around 3000 ketubahs and have considerable expertise with texts and working with Rabbis.  We happily take orders by phone, to guide you through the creation of the ketubah of your dreams!!







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