Handmade ketubahs  

Handmade ketubahs are pieces of art that were made one at a time by Nishima for marrying couples. Some pieces are Art Ketubahs, in other words pieces of art, often based upon favorite artists, with ketubah texts as part of the background. Some pieces are Personal Ketubahs, in other words custom designed around the couples’ lives, interests, stories, and significant symbols. Often handmade ketubahs combine elements from both Art and Personal ketubahs, sometimes with hidden symbols.

Creating handmade ketubahs is one of Nishima’s favorite jobs as an artist. This gallery of one-of-a-kind commissioned ketubahs showcases a wide range of her subjects, styles and media. She works closely with you to create a work of art that reflects your individual and shared passions. The possibilities are endless as Nishima enjoys challenges! Please call to discuss the process.

Watercolor paintings both abstract and highly detailed glow with rich, saturated colors. Torn paper collages on thick birch board combine texture, depth, and complex color combinations. Oil and acrylic paintings bring a taste of traditional art. Writing in Hebrew and English can be laser burned into painted wood, hand-written with metallic inks of gold or silver that sit on top of the colorful backgrounds, printed with elaborate fonts and integrated into the original art seamlessly, or hand-lettered in calligraphy on vegetable parchment paper

Each handmade ketubah is co-created with you, uniquely for you. Prices range between $600 and $1500. Please allow at least 4 weeks but 2-3 months preferably.

You can choose any size and dimensions for your handmade ketubah. The largest Nishima has made is 27″ x 37″ and the smallest is 16″ x 20″. Her preferred size is 22″ x 30″.