How We Make the Custom Ketubah of Your Dreams

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Each and every custom ketubah we make at is unique, created one-at-a-time for your wedding. The process is simple yet creative and meaningful. First, choose a piece of art, a Ketubah Design, that speaks to your hearts. Searching through art and choosing a piece for your home, to represent your marriage, is a process […]

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Which Ketubah Text is Right for You?

“Ketuvah” means “writing” and refers to the Ketubah text.  This writing, which will be witnessed and signed, describes the sacred foundation upon which your marriage rests. Choosing a Ketubah text for your wedding can be an overwhelming task.  Your rabbi may require a particular Hebrew/Aramaic text, but most will allow you to choose your own […]

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Blessing Art — How to Create


Nishima’s Blessing Art makes a Unique Gift Bar/Bat Mitzvah New Baby Home Blessing Wedding or Anniversary Professional Blessing Prices begin at $110 plus shipping.  Follow these steps: First, choose a piece of art for the background.  Most of Nishima’s images can be found under View Ketubahs (select All, images are in alphabetical order).  “Choose this […]

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Writing Your Own Ketubah Text

Many couples choose to write their own Ketubah texts.  The process of engaging with the written contract which will be signed at their wedding supports the process of preparing for the challenges of marriage.  For some couples, the custom Ketubah text places them in a unique relationship to the Jewish community and history.  For others, […]

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Mysticism of Marriage


In six days the Lord made heaven and earth. What has God been doing since then? Since creating the earth, God has been arranging Jewish Weddings, writes Rabbi Yossi ben Halaphta.  Not an easy task! In fact, it is written that arranging a Jewish marriage (or any marriage) is as difficult as splitting the Red […]

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