About Artketubah 

Ketubah design print, handmade ketubahs, custom ketubah text

Artketubah is Nishima Kaplan’s Ketubah studio. We sell ketubahs directly to clients and through retail stores. Nishima makes handmade Fine Art Ketubahs and designs limited edition gyclee print Ketubahs, which we print in-house.

Nishima’s art also includes Blessing Art.   Baby naming and B’nei Mitzvot certificates make wonderful gifts.  Love poems, parents’ gifts, and chuppahs are great wedding presents.

We are also offering Fine Art prints that can be customized in ways similar to Nishima’s Ketubahs.
Artketubah has been active since 2003 with Nishima at the center of the company. She oversees all productions and relationships. Nishima has sold more than 3000 ketubot since 2003. Her selection of ketubah texts has been called the largest available. Customer care and expertise define Artketubah.